About us

We have integrity

Our work is truthful,
this allows us to gain your trust.

Our goal is to provide the best service in the transporting of cargo, based on a safe, fast and precise operation, all this inspires confidence. We got modern equipment and experienced staff, with this we can guarantee you'll get the service you require in terms of logistics, in addition, we like to suggest and offer new alternatives, that's why we are interested in knowing your needs to achieve improvement.


We adopt modern transportation systems and implement new technologies to achieve maximum efficiency in each service. All this adds a value above our competitors.

Door to door service

We offer transportation without transshipment, we carry your cargo from origin to final destination, this means that costs of shipping are more efficient by not paying for load and unload and not paying for a managing insurance.

Our staff

We make a careful selection of employers, we test their emotional and moral stability. We apply economic studies to ensure their provenance and anti-doping tests are applied on a regular basis in order to monitor their behavior.

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Training for operators

    primeros auxilios
  • First aid
  • relaciones humanas
  • Human relations
  • educacion vial
  • Road safety and education
  • reglamentos de transito
  • Traffic regulation
  • manejo defensivo
  • Defensive driving
  • conduccion tecnica
  • Technical and economic driving
  • mecanica elemental
  • Basic mechanics
  • superacion personal
  • Self and professional improvement



Be a leading company that meets the transportation needs of our home and foreign clients, establishing a honest business providing a quality service.

Achieve a profitability that allows a steady growth, based on a work environment that promotes the development of our people and a continuous improvement of our processes.


Establish ourselves as the leading company in the transporting sector in northern Mexico.

Provide a professional service based on modernization, achieving trust and total customer satisfaction.